Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Inventory Effects

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Today We're continuing our discussions on inventory and sales for your store front.  If you're a regular on the Etsy message boards, you've seen the discussions about the volume of inventory and it's effects on sales, visibility, and numerous other aspects of your online store front.  Being an engineer by education, I'm always curious if this really has some weight to it or if there were other factors at play that allowed these shops to really take off. 

I realize it is hard to see firm numbers on the topic and I've read that anywhere from 20 - 150 listings is your target, but that's a lot of product and that's a large spread, therefore variable to really understand what kind of inventory you need to have in order to be successful. 

I don't expect you my readers to be able to answer this question succinctly, but for those of you who have been around longer than Stitch Silly, at what point did you really start to see an uptick?  Perhaps a poll is in order!  You know I love me a good math analysis problem! 

Bring on the numbers for me people!


  1. No uptick (love that!), but just a steady flow of about 2 sales a month to date. Just beginning my second year of selling though, and am hopeful that it will get faster soon. am intending to increase the product numbers gradually as this year passes. Have to replace those sold over Christmas first, though. The shop/product is beginning to get known - both locally and on the net via the blog at Would love to know what your math calculation shows though!

    1. Isobel, good to see that slow and steady is winning your race. Thanks for the inputs. I suppose we're both taking the same approach here. Slowing building our numbers.


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