Monday, August 8, 2011

Current Fabric

You asked for it!  This weekend I was able to get some photographs of my current unmade fabric inventory.  So here they are.  Both are images of blue fabric (entertaining I know) that will be eventually be turned into crib sheets.  In addition to my future crib sheets, I also posted my most recent product to Etsy!  It is a beautiful floral bloom boppy cover.  When you're done examining the fabric swatches, stop over and check out my latest product. 

Light Blue Future Crib Sheet
I started the pinning process for the light blue crib sheet this morning.  I should have the corners sewn tonight then the long tedious task of creating the pocket for the elastic starts.  I'm getting to be pretty good with my crib sheets so hopefully this one won't take me too long! 

Blueberry Future Crib Sheet

On a completely different note, I am about half way done with my plarn bag I am creating.  It's now 7in. tall and I think I will make it just about 14in. tall when it is complete.  It will be the perfect beach bag.  On the down side, I'm running out of white and green plarn!  I may have to switch to white and black...


  1. Hi Andrea! You may have mentioned this in earlier posts, but enlighten me please. What is plarn? That's a new one on me - and I'm always keen to learn (if not actually follow) new trends! Cheers!

  2. Plarn is Plastic Yarn. You can make it out of grocery bags, bread bags, basically any sort of plastic bag. It's a great way to recycle those grocery bags that simply collect dust in your cabinets. I first explained in here: It also links to a description I found on the web about creating plarn.


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