Monday, August 15, 2011


I signed up for Pinterest last week and have been slowly figuring it out.  At first it was a little confusing to get into, but the more I play with it the more I like it.  How an I using it, you ask?

Well great question.  I didn't set up a specific Stitch Silly account, instead I just have a Stitch Silly/Craft board on my personal account.  What I'm figuring out is Pinterest is really filling a void for me that I've been missing.  That is it holds links to all sorts of things I find interesting, but they don't stay organized very well in just my "Bookmarks" on my web browser or maintain the cloud like efforts I try to keep.

As you may recall I took a training course a few months ago to understand the Getting Things Done (GTD), a theory developed by David Allen.  After playing with Pinterest quite a bit, I feel as though this site is made by people who are adopters of GTD.

For those of you not familiar with Pinterest, the site allows your to create many boards for you to pin images, and therefore links, of a specific purpose to.  For instance, some of my boards include, books to read, recipes, and health and fitness.  As I find things that interest me in a particular subject area, I pin them to that board for either later reading, action, or just to share with others.  Mostly I have populated my recipes board for new idea for a quick and easy dinner. 

This relates to GTD as the philosophy that David Allen teaches is to categorize your actions based on where you are the time you have to dedicate to that particular task.  I view the boards as just another way to maintain that next action list, ideas for rainy days, or just as reference material.  I think I'll be increasing my use in Pinterest.

I definitely recommend checking it out.  For those of you on Pinterest, what's your favorite part of it?  Share your ideas below!


  1. I joined when I was following the Social Media Blitz course organised by Timothy Adams of Handmadeolgy on Etsy. However, have not been able to fathom it at all, although they are kind enough to contact me every now and again. Each time it happens, I tell myself I really should try again - but, so far, I've just not had the time. One day.......

  2. Honestly, I'm not sure how I would use it as a marketing tool for Stitch Silly. I'd be curious if how people successfully do that.


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