Friday, August 19, 2011

New Product Alert

Well soon anyways.  Yesterday I finished my most recent crib sheet.  Today when I get home from my regular job, I will photograph it and list it this evening.  Wahoo for new products.  In the mean time, my mom finished her plarn tote and finally sent me pictures of her finished product.  I think it turned out super cute.  

The one on the right is our inspiration and the one on the left is my mom's creation.

A close up of her handles

Let's see what's inside

Pretty good looking tote!

Mine is going to be even bigger, perfect for a beach bag tote.  I'm also thinking of doing a little something different for the handles, but haven't completely decided what yet.  We'll see what I decide on when I get to that point.  The current height of my tote is about 8 or 9 inches high and I think mine will be about 14 or 15 inches high.  At this point is my focus on this has lessened on this as I've decided to put a large focus on really increasing my inventory and therefore increasing my visibility on Etsy and through other avenues.


  1. Love both items! Are they crocheted, knitted or - this new thing to me, felted? One can never have enough of these, as carriers that last are a definite "must-have".

    On another tack: the guest blog slot you've allocated to me for October 4: an update - the Soft Toy Clinic seems to be attracting interest (locally, if not via etsy), but then the latter has had to cope with this "relevancy" issue that HQ have dreamt up supposedly to "help" us sellers. A bit unfair, I suppose: when looked in the clear light of day, the objective makes sense: it's just the way they implemented it. Am sick of re-listing my items - as I know many others are too!

    Hope you're keeping well. Isobel

  2. Isobel, both items are crocheted. This was what finally got me to teach myself to crochet. Now I'm looking for some great crochet patterns.


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