Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Product Update

Last week I mentioned to keep your eyes out for a new crib sheet.  Well there won't be a new crib sheet for a while.  When I went to confirm fit and to photograph my latest product I found out that I had made my seems too big and the sheet wouldn't fit!  I was so upset.  I sat down and starting to try to fix it.  In the process, I ripped a huge hole in the corner of the crib sheet.  Not exactly the best place to get a whole.

After pouting for a few minutes I quickly jumped up to look in my scrap fabric collection.  I managed to figure out that I had enough fabric to make a patchwork boppy cover.  One side is going to be about 7in squares of another fabric I have left over and the other side will be some fabric from my lost crib sheet.  This is my first patchwork attempt so I hope it turns out OK.  The past few mornings before heading into the office I have been carefully cutting down the fabric and pinning the patchwork together.  I have a few more pins to do then I will sew the patchwork together.  Next, I will cut out the pattern for both the patchwork side and the solid side.  Then, I hope, it's just like any other boppy cover that I've made. 

Fingers crossed I will have this ready for the weekend! 

In other news, in case you live under a rock, here in the Washington, DC metro area we had quite an event yesterday.  A 5.9 earthquake rocked the region, reaching down to Charleston and up to Rhode Island and as far west as Chicago.  It was quite a surprise, especially since earthquakes are not common here on the east coast.  I hope everyone is OK, here as Stitch Silly, we are going on as if nothing happened!


  1. Thank goodness you and yours are all safe. Mother Nature's swift actions are so frightening, as well as dangerous to us mere mortals.

    As for patchwork - it can be very soothing. Hope you found it so and look forward to the finished item. That's the beauty of sewing like we do: only we know (except when we're being honest in our blogs!) when we've made an error!

  2. Ugh, it's so upsetting when a project goes awry... Yet sometimes these are good opportunities to experiment and improvise!


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