Friday, August 12, 2011

World Economy

It's been a rough road for most of us in the stock markets for the past week or two.  I have heard talk about the potential for a double dip recession to just plain uncertainty in the economies of the world, in particular the U.S. economy.  It's a tough pill to swallow. 

How is all this turmoil going to effect us as small business owners? Reading over multiple economic articles from publications such as Reuters, Financial Times, and the like the general consensus is that the U.S. economy is not growing at the rate people would like it to.  On top of that the European Union has it's own share of difficulties with France as the latest to top peoples radar.  As a result, I believe people are going to be wary about spending copious amounts of money for some time. 

For those of us on Etsy, in particular the Etsy Success team, there are threads all over the place asking if it is just them or if others are having a lull in sales.  Stitch Silly itself is still under a year old so we have not seen the full season cycle yet for me to expertly say that this time of year is always slow, though that is what seasoned Etsians are saying. 

So what's my plan?  Stitch Silly plans to stick it through and to continue to provide quality products to its customers.  We're growing, we're improving our brand, and most importantly, we're having fun.  We're working expand our target markets and will continue to grow. 

What are you plans right now?


  1. I've been using the slow time to increase listings and inventory. I'm hoping Christmas shoppers are just around the corner!

  2. Julie, I like you're thinking! I still have a hard time motivating myself to think about Christmas in August, but maybe I should.


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