Friday, August 5, 2011

Wahoo Sewing Machine Fixed!

Whew...I had a big sigh of relief, thankfully I had another needle in my supply case so I quickly switched out my needle yesterday and was off to the races.  Unfortunately, my son had other ideas in mind so my productivity has not been as high.  No complaints here though, he is my number one priority!  I'm also being realistic here.  I know the shop still is lacking in inventory, but I'm trying to make progress on a daily basis.  Yes, I would love to be able to post a new listing daily, but when push comes to shove my family is always first and that's a decision I'm comfortable making.  I'll finish up the boppy cover and get some great photos out of it then it's off to my next project.  All in due time.

This boppy cover has been interesting to make.  I usually don't use flannel for my boppy covers for fear that it may make mommy or baby to hot.  With fall and winter approaching I wanted to give it a try.  There is nothing worse that a new mom trying to figure out the whole breast feeding thing and freezing her butt off doing it!  Boppies are also useful for more than just assisting with breastfeeding so those little ones can always use some extra soft and cuddly fabric to snuggle up to. 

Note to self, I really should get better about taking pictures of my fabric inventory to post.  I'll just add that to my list of things to do. 

What's on your list today?


  1. So glad your sewing machine is fixed!

    Mine is "in the shop" for professional service. I fixed everything I knew how to fix and it still wouldn't cooperate. I can't wait to have it back.

    Sewing is off the list for today, but I'll find somthing to do.

  2. So glad your sewing machine is fixed! Yay!

    Found you through Etsy Blog Team, following you now.


  3. so glad you sewing machine is fixed....hoe you get lots of great stuff created...have a wonderful day!

    enjoy *~*

  4. I would love to see your fabric inventory! I could look at fabric —or paper— for hours without tiring...
    Have a productive day, and a great weekend!

  5. Sewing machines can really throw you for a loop, can't they? Glad yours is cooperating now!

  6. Thanks everyone. I was able to successfully finish my boppy cover. About to hope over to to post it!


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