Monday, August 1, 2011

Rested and Refreshed

After a wonderful week away with the family, I am now digging out of emails on multiple accounts.  It was a wonderful week that gave me lots of great product ideas.  As you may have seen, I have a new obsession, PLARN!  I was trying to let my mom focus on making a plarn beach bag, but I couldn't resist.  I stopped the baby blanket I am knitting and taught myself how to crochet and started my own beach bag.

Crocheting was a lot easier than I had anticipated to pick up.  I'm not very far yet, but now that I'm back I'm trying to force myself into working mostly on projects to sell.  Last night I went to finish up some burp cloths only to realize that I'm out of thread.  Total bust! 

Instead I pinned out a boppy cover that is up next in the sewing world, while I wait for a chance to get to the store to get more thread.  Tonight's project is to cut and start sewing it.  I've done a few covers now so it probably won't take me too long to do, it's just a matter of sitting down to do it.  I am also going to try to take a few pictures of my plarn bag in progress.  My husband keeps touching as I am working and doesn't believe that it's just upcycled grocery bags. 

Also, after weeks and weeks of being told that an order form for my nap blankets was going to go out at my son's daycare, I finally stuffed the cubbies myself right before I left.  Hopefully something will come of them, only time will tell.


  1. Welcome back to the world of handcrafting for a business! Glad you've got loads of ideas but must confess that "Plarn" is something I need to have spelled out! While doing so, you might like to know that Ed Ted the bear is complete and waiting to be collected by his Best Friend - and there are now two more patients in the ColdhamCuddlies Soft Toy Clinic (posted about all of this in the blog at So our date for October 4 is on track! Cheers.

  2. Sounds like your week was relaxing! We are about to set out for a week in Colorado! We are super excited to get away from the heat here in Texas. I am also hoping that I will be inspired by the beautiful scenery!

  3. Isobel, plarn is plastic yarn. You can make it from those plastic grocery bags that you seem to collect but never really know what to do with. I wrote a very brief tutorial about it here: and also referenced more detailed tutorial in the post.


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